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Dr Chris Kim, DMD Specializes in Fabulous Smile Makeovers

Dr. Chris Kim Crofton Maryland Dentist consults with patient for smile makeoverA beautiful, glowing smile can affect both the personality and self-esteem of a person as well as other people’s perception of the individual. First impressions often are formed on the appearance of the smile. Your smile shows the people you greet, the kind of person you are before you even say a word. It is so important that smile makeover procedures have increased significantly over the last decade. A smile makeover aims not only improve the imperfections in your smile, but to also address any underlying issues.

The Smile Makeover Process

Your first appointment will be a consultation with Dr. Kim to assess all the issues with your smile and suggest various treatments to completely transform it.

A smile makeover usually involves a series of cosmetic procedures that comprehensively improve the health and esthetics of a person’s smile. A full makeover will focus on correcting various problems, including;

  • Broken, chipped, crooked teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Uneven gum line

Why is Dr. Chris Kim, DMD My Best Choice in Crofton For A Smile Makeover?

There are three advantages having your smile makeover done by Dr. Kim.

  1. Consistency of treatment quality. Dr. Kim is skilled in all the procedures that your smile makeover will require which will make it easier to complete the treatment with an experienced dentist.
  2. Having all your treatments carried out in one office means you don’t have to wait weeks or even months to get in to see a specialist to carry out various portions of your smile makeover plan.
  3. Dr. Kim’s comprehensive treatment plan will avoid redundancies of treatment. Your treatment plan will be carried out in the most cost-effective way. We may even be able to combine some procedures into a single appointment minimizing the overall time required to complete the process.

What treatments are included in Dr. Chris Kim’s Smile Makeover?

When assessing your case, Dr. Kim will look at:

  • Tooth length – Over time, everyday wear and tear can erode and shorten teeth crowns or cause gums to recede exposing roots.
  • Smile line – The name kind of speaks for itself, but when you smile, the edges of your upper teeth should form a line that matches the shape of your lower lip.
  • Tooth proportions – One of the keys to a great smile is having all the teeth in ideal proportion to each other.

Dr Chris Kim’s comprehensive smile makeover plan may include:

  • Orthodontics to straighten and align crooked, malaligned teeth, or reduce gaps.
  • Replacing amalgam (silver) fillings with composite (white) fillings particularly in teeth along the smile line.
  • Teeth whitening (internal or external bleaching).
  • Veneers, inlays/onlays or bonding to fill in decayed or chipped teeth.
  • Replacement of missing teeth with natural looking dental implant-supported crowns, dentures, or bridges.
  • Crown lengthening or gum (soft tissue) grafting to improve the appearance of the gumline and make it look all the same, and address gummy or long-toothed smiles.

The goal of a smile makeover is to improve and enhance your smile by fixing dental issues combined with modern cosmetic dentistry techniques.

To get started on your new smile, call Crofton Dentist Dr Chris Kim, DMD at:  (410) 721-3567